Rat Pack Swag

The music of Ole Blue Eyes as seen through the masterful lens of Harry Connick, Jr. Wow! That should mean an amazingly great night. Of course the first tease I saw had that Douchstress of Awful, Kara D. blathering on about Rat Pack Swagger which made me vom just a little in my throat. I’m hoping like hell that’s not a bad omen (and you know how those of us from the Big Easy believe in our omens). Well, no time to get caught up in that flight of mental idiocy. My LA Lakers are bouncing their balls all over the court in an effort to win some sort of ball handling championship and little Aaron aka “Big Mike” is on deck.

Fly Me to the Moon
I mean, it’s hard to eff up when you got Harry on the keys. Big Ellen said “beautiful” vocals. Like that. Kara just drones on and on. Ok look, this wasn’t over-the-moon great for me, but it might’ve been enough.

Blue Skies
Already loving the look tonight. I mean drooling over the look tonight. But it ain’t about looks, how’s the sound? Oh SH*T!! Well, here’s the positive, um, um, well I loved the first and last notes. Plus, he looks H. O. T. So, you know, there’s that.

Momma Sox
Summer Wind
Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. I just don’t have any other…WAIT, WTF is Randy saying?! WTF are these judges smokin???

Big Mike
The Way You Look Tonight
I don’t mean to be mean but, geezus crackatoa, this guy and his performance made me want to projectile vom. Again, WTF is Randy smokin? Oh hell, can Simon bring reality? No! Dis-Gus-Ting!!

That’s Life
Oh damn, bringin out the organ…lawd y’all I’m back home in the bayou…oh hell y’all…bring out tha white hanky! This white boy just brought down tha damn house!!!! That’s life y’all!!

Now listen here y’all, I’m feelin my roots somethin feirce and still kinda groovin to the sounds of my [misspent] youth. I’m also wondering how the heck Lady GaGa and Harry Connick, Jr. gonna make one cohesive “get your ass off the stage” show.

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