Oh Yes It’s Lady’s Night!

Perhaps it’s me, but it seems like this first week on the big stage played on all the contestants in a less than brilliant way. This is no shock though as it seems that every season the big stage brings on serious cases of knee-knocking. We saw it last night and, unfortunately we saw it again tonight with the ladies. Once again, I “live” tweeted tonight’s show. Unlike last night, I am feeling under the weather (thanks co-workers who came to work and polluted the air with your germy-germs). Hopefully my thoughts weren’t too negatively affected!

Ok then ladies, take it away.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson needs to realize that this is a singin show. Vocals suffered when “dancing!” The outfit looked fabu, but this ain’t a fashion show.

Naemo Adedapo is quite the performer. Will do amazing on the jazz circuit. Contender fo sho!

Oh Kendra Chantelle, it’s impossible for me to love you…sorry, but the only thing I’m feelin is the outfit! Just awright.

Yay look, it’s bad, bad girl Rachel Zebita. Except she isn’t bad or good or much of anything. Booooring!

Karen Rodriguez, really??? You had a bazillion songs to choose from and you chose “Hero?” On the plus side, you sang it in Spanglish so there’s that!

Ok, I really want to write Lauren Turner off, but I think she gonna grow on me like a seven-day something or other. Contender.

Ashton Jones got some big ass hair but do she have a big ass voice to match? Hmmmmm, not if tonight’s any indication.

Julie Zorrilla looks like Cinderella but no fairytale ending here. Kinda makes me wanna breakaway from the TV.

Haley Reinhart picked the right damn song. Worked the vocals. Worked the stage. Worked that dress. Hawtness!! Fallin IN love!

Thia Megia is 15 damn years old. Jailbait. Can’t talk about how hot she looks. Can talk about how amazing her voice is. WINNER

Lauren Alaina is another youngun with a voice on her. Who listens to the radio tho? For you, maybe. Not for that song tho.

And wrapping up the night, Pia Toscano ladies and gents! And damn, she killin it! I’ll stand by you baby!!! Tonight’s winner!

I was hopeful that tonight we’d see the winner because I didn’t think I saw them last night. But the stage scared the great out of these kids. And to be honest, I don’t know which boy and girl is headed home tomorrow. Well, maybe Jordan for the boys, or Carrot Top. For the girls, let’s spin the wheel, maybe Kendra or Rachel? What do you think?

So, we wave goodnight to Peaches and the rest of the cast and wait with baited breath to see who goes home!! Night y’all!

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