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At least one of us here at Idol Chatter has been a fan of Miss Shania Twain for so long we can barely remember a time when we weren’t. Living on the prairie in the middle west, she was the soundtrack that bumped and grooved us on more nights than we care to think about. Grooving in our candy-apple red Firebird (you know, the one with the phoenix painted in gold on the hood and with t-tops). Cutting school and headin out to play some football, we boys would throw off the top, pile into ole bessie and scream at the top of our lungs, “man, I feel like a woman…” Oh lawd, what were we thinking. The many children we’ve gone on to have between us would be horrified to think of their daddies behaving in such a decidedly bizarre manner. But lawd y’all, did we ever have fun. And right down to the last one of us, we were in love, love, love with Miss Shania Twain. So it did our hearts a heap load of good to see this mistress of country meets pop as our “mentor” for the evening. And, can we just make note here that when it comes to mentoring, Miss Twain did NOT disappoint!

You’re still the one
Ok, Lee just opened up tonight’s show way strong!! WOW!! Loving him so much right now. Momma Sox better watch her back!

Big Mike
It only hurts when I’m breathing
Most of the time lately I can say it only hurts when he’s singing. Today it didn’t hurt as much, however, by the time the show ended a few minutes ago and I started putting on the final touches to this bit, I had forgotten what he performed or in fact that he even had performed. Not a good sign.

Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop! Lord y’all, tonight we fell in love with Goldilocks all over again and this time, it was NOT because he’s as dreamy as the sun glistening off of a heavenly body in one of those Bain de Soleil commercials. Simon was right to send Goldilocks down to physically accost Miss Twain.

No one needs to know
Why has this child’s boyfriend (who by the way is just cute as a button) not stepped up and done the dang thing already. Huh? I am actually in love with this child’s falsetto which we have not heard before. Yes, this was not her best performance, but still, it was in a league all by itself…again.

You’ve got a way
For the first time this entire season, I hit the rewind button on my remote and watched a number again (and yes, again). I have thought this child wasn’t really all that great, but tonight I fell in love. I thought of my own momma and thought “what a great tribute.” And then I thought, “damn Ellen, you right, how are we gonna pick?!”

Any man of mine
Poor song selection! And again I’m struck with the thought “why do these judges like this little trollop so much?” She wrecked and ruined one of the numbers we use to bellow out the top of our Firebird from back in the day on the prairie in the middle west. I do NOT like this child and will discuss her no more.

Tomorrow night’s gonna be difficult. Not that I don’t have my least favorite’s all picked out:

# 1 – Siobhan
# 2 – Big Mike
# 3 – Aaron (although not based on tonight’s performance)

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