A conversation with the Professor

May 6, 2009

As approved by Major League Baseball

The Professor: OMG Paula!

TP: WOW, she super-duper SUCKED!

Idol Chatter: Oh it wasn’t that bad…her backup dancers were cute!

TP: I was too busy shielding my head and face from the screen, rocking in a fetal ball begging for it to stop to scope the eye candy. She came where for the music? Hell has a has-been discoteque?


IC: We voted for Allison…finally decent hair!!

IC: “Hell has a has-been discoteque” Classic!

TP: Major League Baseball grants you permission to post that. I think the world should know.

IC: Agreed!!!

IC: OMFG…I could have sworn Kris was going home!!!!

TP: Who’s the mega-hottie that’s part of Kris’ family? Good God!

IC: Had to rewind to see who you were talking bout…yuummmmyy!

IC: Top 3…all guys?

TP: You never know!

IC: Wouldn’t it be shocking if Adam went home tonight!

TP: Yes and incredibly satisfying. He needs a valium and a tongue scraper.

IC: Daughtry still makes us HOT!

TP: Package!

IC: Woof!!

TP: You got it! Daughtry and J-HUD came in 4th.

IC: Excellent point!!!

TP: To further clarify, Justin Guarini and Clay Aiken came in second, so Adam is destined to don a technicolor dreamcoat as America’s favorite Gay runner up.

IC: You are like the Gaydol Historian.

TP: Yes, imagine a fire, a wingback chair, a fake British accent and a corncob pipe (filled medicinally).

IC: Imagination overload…danger Will Robinson, danger!

TP: You see [puff, puff] Kelly Pickler’s enunciation of “escargo” works many levels…

IC: Oh geezus!!! I’m going to wet myself!

We’re gonna miss little hotstuff but remember kids, as the Professor has pointed out, 4th place ain’t so bad!!!