Top 12 boys

February 20, 2008

well, it is my personal opinion that the bottom three of last night are…

the black guy in the orange suit…chickeasy or some other dumb-ass bullshit name. i didn’t watch all his performance, but frankly the part i did see was shitty. plus, and i mean no disrespect here, he’s just not pop material…at least not up to the level of most of the other guys. sorry…just not. as simon would say – “off you go!”

the guy who looks a bit like luke perry from 90210 days – you know, the one who was kind of “sharp” the entire part of his performance. the one that simon said wasn’t memorable. simon’s right…only memorable in that it wasn’t.

my third guy actually sang all right BUT he sang “moon river”…i believe that’s a perry como song. or maybe not. that guy’s got chops and can sing but the song made me think old gay man [calling himself a boi] cruise director. i mean, work the cruise ship angle if you want but it won’t win you this competition. poor song selection.

so…wanna know who i liked?

let’s just say that all the young boys will have no problem making it through because all the little gurls who actually vote won’t let david, danny or the other long (and big) haired blond kid leave the competition. danny, it was noted last night, is just annoyingly arrogant and well, annoying. which makes me think…what’s the deal with stacking the top 12 with so many gay bois. or is my gaydar just off?

who i really liked though was jason with his dreads and geetar. he was simple, and beautiful and smiled like “damn!” and f***, i wanted to go home with him and have him purrrrr in my ear while strumming my geeetar you feel? whooooo. but i digress. point is…i really liked him. thought he was the most “authentic” and “relevant” of the performers last night. didn’t hurt that he was shy as a country boy. too cute!!

them’s my thoughts…u got any u wanna share?

UPDATE – 2/21/08

You’re  outta here:

Amy Davis
Joanne Borgella
Colton Berry
Garrett Haley