Delusions of Grandeur

Listen, I’m tired as hell thanks to a trans-continental flight that has left me somewhat exhausted and definitely bitchy. I am not in any kind of mood to deal with that bubble-headed mic-jockey or listen to sanctimonious pricks hiding behind their coca-cola glasses and I’m for sure not in the mood to listen to musical forgery passed off as genius by four wanna be “artists.” I whole-heartedly agree with the Professor’s mother who said she has reached the “apex of ennui.”

Lee sucked! Sorry but he did!

Big Mike kinda sucked. The choir was a nice touch that didn’t really pay off. The whole freeing of the willies discussion made me ever so uncomfortable and, like Simon, so confused.

Oh yay, a duet with Lee and Momma Sox. Bigger YAY that it didn’t suck! Although whoever said it was “relevant” just dropped their pocket-book and let their “real” age pop out.

Goldilocks looked live a giant robotick dork. Couldn’t get past that weird bobbing of the head to actually listen. Major FAIL!

Momma Sox rocked one of my favorite highschool tunes. This child straight up twisted Kenny Loggins number into somethin that was in fact, relevant. This chick’s better’n all right!

And to follow that masterful performance we are given dueling musical vom. Oh hell, I can’t even watch. Y’all saw that mess that seemed like it would last ev-AHHHh. On the plus side, it was nice to finally know Ellen has loved a woman.

That’s all I got.

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