Roughing it “Idol” Style

Well today, that hard-hitting investigative website called the TMZ has uncovered the local where the unlucky 13 (as my sainted grandmother would have called them) will be bedding down between studio time, Ford Fusion tee-vee commercial shoots and the various and sundry other things the kids will be doing over the course of the next few months while they attempt to gain our votes. And let me tell you kids a little something, something, this place is some damn doozy!

You know, back in the day, when you were coming up in the Music buz, ya slept on floors surrounded by cockroaches and mirrors covered in the cocaine. Not any more! While we congratulate the “Idols” on their luxurious digs, we’d like to share a small word of caution…”roughin” it in this way probably won’t do nuthin for your song-writin skills…assuming that is that writing your own ditties is what you’re going for!

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