Mediocre Day’s Night

April 6, 2010

For those of us still watching this bloated, mediocre mess (and yes, there are a few of us still, even though it appears we are beginning to lose out to that other juggernaut DWTS…and for good reason I might add), tonight we were treated to the sounds of that hegemonic duo of Beatles infamy, John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney. This prolific duo have provided the soundtrack of just about every damn body’s lives for the last umpteen years. Heck, had not that god Lennon (who shares his date of birth with me) been blown to smithereens by some dumbledorf, he’d, much like Sir McCartney, still be providing us with stellar music. Heck y’all, I still have my first edition copy of that masterful album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club that is tattered and dog-eared and scratched the hell up, but still my all time prized possession. These boys were/are masters! Unfortunately, the mediocre group of “contestants” we have this season on Idol were not up to the task. We knew that going in and well, with the exception of maybe two of the performances, our point has been proved. So, starting from the top, let’s chat real quick like about this totally mediocre day’s night.

Long and Winding Road
Geez, was it ever! The Professor called it the “long and whiny road” and I agree! I fully expect to see this little cherub in the bottom three. You know, curse of the firsts meets lackluster performance cannot be overcome by teenage cuteness. As Simon would say, “Sorry!”

Let It Be
Looking lovely in her Pepto-Bismal colored mini, this child did a fair impression of this classic. Really though, all I could think of was “let me pee” and so, without even pausing so I could resume, I got up and left. As the Professor would say, “meh!”

Can’t Buy Me Love
Really y’all, the only thing I could think of was “why are you doing this song out of the literally thousands you have to chose from? WHY?” Because really y’all, this was just not good! As much as I hate to say it, this guy who I want to like SO much, just didn’t cut it. He did however look like he’d be a shoe-in to play the part of Kim Jung il of North Korea in the Broadway Musical “Me So Wonewy!” (thanks Professor!)

Big Mike
Eleanor Rigby
Big Mike RUINED one of my favorite songs!!

Come Together
Is it any wonder that the rest of the contestants (bar one or two) act like they are just time/space killers until the winner is announced? Huh? I mean, get real, we all know Crystal is destined to be shown the door when we get to the number FOUR spot at which point she’ll go on and have a stellar career ala Daughtry and Miss Jennifer Hudson. I mean really, there is NO competition this season…NONE…for this child! Love Momma Sox!!

All My Lovin
Looking like he might taste like “mountain dew and starburst” (again, thanks Professor) and sounding “good for Tim”, this child gave us a heapin pile of “what the eff ever!” Another solid bottom three performance!

Jealous Guy
Now here was a surprise! A total surprise! This is NOT the number I would have remotely picked for goldilocks! But Simon was [again] right when pronouncing this performance to be “ginormous!” The Professor did point out that Randy said “pitch” and as we all know in this new iteration of the Drunk Paula game, this meant drink. I seem to have done a lot of drinking tonight.

Across the Universe
WTF was that? I do NOT understand this child’s attraction. And geezis, what was she wearing. She looked like “Little Bo Peep meets Whore” and it, much like her performance (and weepy after-chat), didn’t work. I wish like hell we’d see her in the bottom three, but we won’t. She’ll probably end up winning. She’s just retarded! Sarah Palin can suck it!

Hey Jude
With his “dude who lost his parade” bagpipe player, Lee turned in a another solid, albeit weird, performance. The worry wort’s confidence is on the rise and that, my friends, is a good thing.

Now listen, perhaps the funniest moment of the night had absolutely nothing to do with the music, but rather a comment made by Momma Sox who said of Andrew and Lee, right out loud, that she was “so glad they can be together and get married and have lots of little Danny Gokey babies.” While Andrew’s wife may not appreciate the comment (and Danny Gokey might not either), that was just funny on so many damn levels!

And so ends another mediocre night on the fading Idol.

Finally, it gets good

March 16, 2010

The actual show begins!  This is my 2nd favorite Idol night…The final 12 performers is the big stage and whole (or almost whole) songs.  The only thing better is top 6 when they perform twice per show.  I like that because they can screw up and then totally redeem themselves.  Or, more interestingly, kill the first one and then screw it up by bombing on the second.

First things first – I drink wine when I watch this show as it’s the only way to retain my sanity.  Now that we can’t play “Drunk Paula“, we need a new way to play.  So, I have “Yo, check it out”, “Pitchy”, “inappropriate swaying or clapping”, or  “anyone crying” for a toast, and you have to drink your whole drink when Ellen has absolutely nothing positive to say.

Rolling Stones night, so let’s jump right in –

Big Mike – Meh.

/Ryan approaching the Judges’ Table / Scripted exchange with
Simon was STUPID

Didi – Meh.

/Ellen “You made ‘Fire’ a two-syllable word…”  Um, Fire is a two syllable word.

Casey – Reminds me of those Old Navy commercials.  He’s “aight’, he sings, but he absolutely does not perform.  Decidedly wooden.

Lacey – SO BAD.  Can not believe she’s even on the show.

Andrew Garcia – “I thought he was going to be a Custodian”?  Wow.  Go back and check out what Moms wore on National Television.  Red Pant, Leopard Print Shirt and Wig.  Fabulous.  Too bad he was so bad it hurt.  I mean, there’s no way you’re going to one up Mick, but he wasn’t even trying.

/Randy – PITCHY!  Drink!

/Ellen – “What do I know?  It’s your best performance.”  Basically, you know nothing, Ellen, because it wasn’t.

/Kara – In her first salient critique, reminded everyone that the song was about the Vietnam War and was expecting more intensity.

/Simon – What do you want him to do, come on stage with a Tank?  LOVE SIMON.

Katie – She said “Pitch” in her bio.  Drink!  UM.  WTF is she wearing?  The halo light for seriousness doesn’t make good friends with frizzy hair.  The lighting director should’ve stopped that from happening.  She sounds really strained and boring, as though the two were possible to be at the same time, and yet here we are.

*Enough with the studio-planted audience members swaying hands and clapping to every song, even songs where it’s wholly inappropriate.  It’s false and annoying.

/Randy PITCH!  Drink!

/Ellen – PITCHY!  Drink!

/Kara – It was better than last week.

/Simon – “You lost the emotion” – Well said.

Tim Urban – Under my thumb.  I hate his hair.  Oh, and everything else about him.  I mean, not everything, but, wait…yes, everything.  The serious a capella bridge with the Reggae beat was really bad.

/Kara – Twice now has said “I totally get what the guys are saying”.  Stop saying that.   Ellen’s not a guy.  Stop saying that.

/Simon – “It was a crazy decision.”  Well, so was bringing his lame ass back.  Anybody miss Alex Lambert yet?  Cuz at least he could sing.

Siobhan Magnus – Paint in Black.  Drama packed and started by sitting on the stairs.  More inappropriate clapping.  It wasn’t terrible actually.  The screech at the end nearly forced an aneurysm.  She sang ok other than that, but did a great job performing actually.  I was pleasantly un-annoyed.

/Ryan – “You look…stunning.”  Felt like he meant it.  She did look pretty good, so good on Ryan.

Lee Dewyze – Beast of Burden.  Is he crying?   I don’t care, he is the best so far tonight and I would really like to hear some old Bob Seger.  Consistent, not flashy, I think he killed it.

/Kara – “…It’s not as PITCHY!”  Drink!

/Simon – Made Lee cry even more.

Paige Miles – Honky Tonk Woman.  Now this is a song you clap to.  And WOW!  Where did she come from?  Wrecked it.  Sounded great, looked fantastic.  Kinda funny watching her sing the lyrics, which were reversed because she’s a girl, when she got to the line “…he blew my nose and then he blew my mind…” right after her Church story.  Nice unintended juxtaposition, A.I.  I don’t really think that she knows what that lyric means.

Aaron Kelly – Angie.  Again with the stairs.  New hair looks fantastic.  I like this.  More inappropriate arm swaying…Drink!  He sounds really good.  Letter perfect execution vocally, but he needs to move around a little more, but that’s trivial.   He killed it.

/Ryan – “How difficult was it for you to connect with and learn.”  Really stupid question, Ryan, even for you.

Chrystal Bowersox – Her Dad crying wins the bio contest.  D  Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge reinvented.  Fabulous.

/Simon – “…you need to go out there every time and kill it.”

Well said.


Girls night!

March 3, 2010


I’m the Prof. and this….*twothreefour*….is American Idol!  I live-blogged tonight and also switched out the hard drive in my PS3.  Multitasking my ass off, thank you VERY MUCH.

Anyway, after dealing with the the whole Hospital scare, we have no new information and do find out that Crystal is performing.  So yay for that.

Crystal Bowersox – Wow!  I loved that.  The judges loved that.  Simon loved that.  What else do you need to know?  She’s real, she’s real good, and she’s really actually like-able, a rare trifecta for Idol.

Haeley Vaughn – Is she trying to sound like Dolly Parton?  Because she sounds like a lispy young drag queen.  Struggled, unpleasant, and OFF KEY.  FAIL.

Simon getting booed and actually being funny for once:  “It’s ironic you sang ‘The Climb’ because you just fell off.”  That proved snort-worthy.  He’s funnier when he’s meaner.  Lose the girls that boo, let Simon be mean, it’s WAY MORE entertaining and you know I’m right.

Lacey Brown – a milque-toast Pat Benetar.  She’s doing high-end Karaoke and singing with a super-fake country accent.  Double FAIL.  For the record, I wrote that before Randy said it.

Katie Stevens – “Put cho rekids on”  She, just like Lacey, is simply mimicking what she heard on the radio.  Insincere, flat and boring.

Listening to Kara, I realize that we’re basically watching a very high-end Gong Show and she’s Jamie Farr.  Also, the toss back to Ryan after the Judges are done assessing who then tries to get them to give actually “useful” advice, especially when trying to admonish Simon, is excruciatingly tedious.  Just make with call-in/text numbers, you microphone monkey.

DiDi Benami – “Lean on me”  Channeling a modern day low-rent Carly Simon, DiDi, isn’t terrible.  She’s not.  But, I offer that this not “America’s least terrible” and I can’t see her as an Idol.

Who put Randy in charge moving the Judges along?  I want to hate it, but I love it.  He’s all “I don’t know, whachuthink, E?”  Then Ellen does her schtick, and then Randy tosses to Kara, but he doesn’t shut her up to move along to Simon.  Hmmmm.

Michelle Delamor – First of all, she can actually sing, which is a refreshing change from the previous contestants tonight (except Crystal obviously).  In other news, what the HELL is she wearing?  A white Prom Dress over skinny jeans, black half-jacket and Janet gloves circa Rhythm Nation?  Yeah, fashion fail.  Randy loving it proves I’m right, it’s hideous.  Ellen liking it also proves it’s hideous.  Vera Wang liking it proves nothing.  She’s almost there vocally, but not quite.  She needs to stay another week or 3, though.

Lily Scott – Strikes me as a one trick pony.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great trick…but I think I’d be annoyed at the prospect of hearing two songs in a row from her, and that’s definitely not a good sign.  She’s “aight” but Crystal killed her.  And Randy liking it better than Crystal proves he needs to go.  Kara’s on crack, it wasn’t a “moment” it was “aight”.  I LOVE SIMON for being so honest.  He’s right, Crystal was stronger.

Katelyn Epperly – “The Scientist” by Coldplay.  HOLY SHIT we got us a competition.  Randy, again, is wrong.  He’s always so wrong.  I want him to go 24 hours without saying the word “Pitch”, “Pitchy” or figure out other adjectives that further explain why “something” didn’t work for him.  Ellen’s wrong.  Why is Ellen also wrong?  What the hell?  Kara “I kind of love you” wins for the stupidest comment ever in the history of American Idol, except for anything Paula ever said.  That said, I miss Paula now, more than ever.  Katelyn needs to stay, I got a dose of her style and it’s a scary (bad) romance love child of GaGa and Sarah McClachlan.  I think when the judges go back and re-listen they’ll feel like assholes.

Paige Miles – “I Like to Color”.  Trying to sing Kelly Clarkson.  Right.  Meh.  Are you out of your mind trying to sing some Kelly?  Really?  I didn’t hate it, she does have a nice voice, possibly the best one, but for once, Kara got to be right.  Helps that she wrote the damn song, but she is right.  I was driving home from work like 3 or 4 years ago, and that song was on the radio.   I was on a high coming home from the gym, all amped up from the endorphins.  I sang that song so loud and proud I damn near wrecked my car.  Kara’s right, you have to mean it, you weren’t feeling the guy, you shouldn’t be smiling when you tell him to take a hike.

Siobhan Magnus – I HATED her last week.  A LOT.  Self-administered mohawk?  Pretty cute.  Warm up exercise?  Cute.  Aretha?  NOT CUTE.  Wrong song.  looking like a modern day Stepford Teen, screeching like an idiot.  Randy loving it proves it sucked.  I can’t get over that note either, Kara?  Thank you Simon: “You are interesting…”  I’ll give her that.

In summary, Crystal will win the entire competition.

Paige and Katelyn, nice job, you can leave the runway.


Messin w/ my mind

March 2, 2010

Listen, by the time the Idol came on tonight, I’ll be honest, I had already pounded a goodly portion of a bottle of very expensive Pinot Noir in an effort to create a new and improved Drunk Paula drinking game for all y’all degenerates who feel the need to tipple a few in an effort to block out some of the caterwauling that parades itself across our tee vees. And boy howdy was there ever some caterwauling. Now listen y’all, I’m gonna hope you can make a little sense of my thoughts here cuz lord knows, given the mess I’ve got to work with and my slightly pickled brain, that could prove to be a bit on difficult side.

Big Mike
It’s a Man’s World
Oh Lawd y’all, Big Mike may give the impression of being a manly, man’s man, but with all that pressing of pint-sized metrosexual Ryan Seacrest AND the fact that home-boy loves him some thee-a-tah, one could be excused for thinking something otherwise. Big Mike opened up the show like a show should be…with some pizazz and some pursing of the lips in a manner that made ya wanna reach through the tee-vee screen and do something naughty with ’em.

John Park
I just don’t feel connected to the technically good performances this purdy young man from Chicago via Korea puts on. And that’s all there is to say about this one…except of course that when Simon said he thought this might be the end of the road, he hadn’t yet heard Todrick, Jermaine or Tim Urban.

Casey James
I Don’t Wanna Be
I don’t wanna hear this song again. It’s been done up and did over by every boy who imagine themselves to be the second coming of Mr. DeGraw who we all know has not even excited stage left. Enough already! But sweet jeezis, this boy is purdy to look at!

Alex Lambert
Everybody Knows
Lawd jeezis, this child with that mullet sangs in such a manner as to put impure and improper thoughts in my head.

Todrick Hall
What’s Love Got to do With it?
There really aren’t any words for this mess that paraded itself on our screen. Despite those unnaturally white teeth and spectacular eyes, there really ain’t anything goin on here that would cause me to do anything more than throw up a little in my mouth. Sweet jeezis what a mess!

Jermaine Sellers
What’s Goin On?
The only thing goin on for this freaky-deaky dude was that onesy which we promptly went and ordered for ourselves about two seconds into this revolting performance. Heck, we didn’t even both to hear what the judges had to say because frankly it couldn’t have been good…hell, even Drunk Paula couldn’t have made lemonade out of that sour-ass mess.

Andrew Garcia
You Give Me Something
Chills! That’s what this child gives me! Chills running the full length of my spine. I am in love with this child’s voice! Lawd jeezis! Agreed that it wasn’t the best song for this child, but ohhhhhhh lawd. I swooned!!!

Aaron Kelly
My Girl
Really? The good Pharmacist (who you’ll remember from season’s past as the ex who sometimes manages to bribe the guards outside the gate to my casa high in the hills above Hollywood so as to slip in and watch this farcical show) said this child will grow up to be a homosexual. I’m not a fan of the song, the performance or this sixteen year old child (and really, must we be reminded that he’s sixteen…huh?!).

Tim Urban
Come On Get High
I said to the Professor, that I needed to be high to get through this gawd-awful performance and frankly wanted to do as the song suggested and drown myself so as to get that putrid sound out of my ears. Thank the gawds for Miss Ellen suggesting this child should be on Glee…lawd, I wet myself from laughing over that one!!

Lee Dewyze
Lips of an Angel
Now really, there is no reason for this child to be pissing-himself-nervous. He’s just that good! Ok, not quite as good as Simon seems to imagine (hello, did anyone else see the major boner that Simon got when the Dewyzzle was belting out this little ditty), but still, this child can sing and has a commercial sound that would make an angel cheat on the gods.

It is my personal, but utterly meaningless opinion, that we’ve seen the last of Toadrick, Onesie and the boy from Glee. Well, in reality, one of them will stay around and if I had to choose which one of the three it would be, well, I just can’t. So, let’s have poll, which two of these three deserves the boot more?

Silver Lining

February 24, 2010

Hello All and welcome to the “At least they got one thing right” portion of our show.  I’m the Professor and here’s what didn’t suck about last night’s craptacular shift into actually being a singing competition.  Before I bring you those tasty nuggets of wisdom, let us recap what was wrong:


  • Ellen liking everybody and everything.  I’m not saying to be mean, but c’mon already.  They need to know when they suck so they can’t say they didn’t know they sucked the next time they go on stage and suck again.  I’m well aware I just used “suck” 3 times in the same sentence.   
  • Ryan Seacrest continuing to suck in oxygen.  Our latest “I’m crazy and have lots of money” fake rumor:  Ryan is filling the void left by Michael Jackson and had a penile enlargement pump custom-built to 7 foot tall and 4 foot in diameter.  Right before the Live show, he stands inside it and has Randy Jackson and Big Mike take turns jumping on the ball-pump.  If he does it right, he’ll be tall enough to ride the Screamin’ Eagle at Six Flags by Summer.
  • Standing on the balcony and cheering for other contestants.  You don’t want THEM to do well, because YOU want to win, so why force them to cheer for each other, Idol Producers?  It’s a competition!  They should trip people when they walk down the stairs, hold their ears and wince in pain when they attempt (and fail…or rather SUCK trying) to hit big notes and talk smack about each other when they’re sitting on the Coke couch instead of talking about their kids (I don’t care), their Alzheimer’s-ridden Grandmother (I don’t care and neither does she) or that it’s “What I’ve been waiting for my whole life!”  Girl please, you’re 16.  Talk to me when you’re 40 and signing at the Holiday Inn off route 9 on Wednesdays and Fridays.  THEN you can be waiting for something “your whole life”.

What didn’t suck:

  • Once the judges looked around and realized that a hair and makeup Tasmanian drunkard named Paula wasn’t there, they unclenched and (OMG) actually started to give useful advice!  I was FLOORED when they agreed to disagree politely and Professionally without all of the hitting and “Shut Up”s.  Randy sounded for the first time ever like he actually might know a thing or two about a thing or two.  Simon was his usual abrasive self, but about halfway through the show, he actually said what they might try next time to do better!  I almost passed out.  Kara needs to stop with the eyeliner and the enthusiasm.  My issue with Ellen is above, so I won’t double-dip on her here.  The hand thing with Simon at the beginning of the show was extra-CHEESY and reminiscent of something they would’ve done in season 3 or 4, like the “Paula & Simon staged make out session in front of a fireplace” offered the unique, never-before-felt sensation of giggling uncontrollably while vomiting.  That’s a difficult trick to pull off, but leave it to the Idol Producers.  This “hand on knee” action is but a remnant, forcing me only to throw up a little in my mouth while snorting.  More singing, less vaudeville.
  • Speaking of singing, yes they all kind a sucked, but you miss my point:  they ALL kind of sucked, which means that they’re evenly matched.  This bodes well for later in the competition, when some of them stop sucking and start to pull away from the rest of the group.  In previous years, the front-runners were pretty obvious at this stage, because of the relative “suckosity” of the remaining contestants.  To be more succinct, it’s anybody’s game (except Siobhan Magnus, who needs to just…stop.  Make her stop.  Pull your Ford Fusion Hybrid to the side of the road, punch Kris Allen in the face for being Kris Allen, pull out your ATT mobile device and text the words “STOP SUCKING” to Idols07.  Regular Tex-Mex rates apply.
  • Superiority Complex.  I have one.  It is STRONG.  It is fed by the suckitude of the contestants and it’s been a year since I unleashed the snark within.  It’s hungry and needs to be fed.  No other show can feed the beast, it must be American Idol.  Sherlock Holmes has his Moriarty.  The White Spy has his African-American Spy.  Jon Stewart has Glenn Beck and the Professor has……………..American Idol!


P.S.  Do you think Ryan gets drunk and does that annoying pause thing to torture the people he pays to be his friends?  I can imagine them in a bar  and him telling the waiter “I’ll have a 7……………………and 7!”  And his friends all laugh like it’s the first time he’s ever done it, and the waiter smiles because he wants a big tip and under the makeup and self-bronzer, Ryan dies a little inside?  Or is it just me?

It’s a new day…

January 11, 2010

Yes, you too have heard the words to this jingle probably as often as we here at Idol Chatter have. Everyone from Michael Buble to Wil.I.Am have recorded this little wonderous ode to new beginnings and all that sh*t! And really y’all, we do like this ditty, yes we do! And frankly, we feel the words just might be appropriate given all the news that has been surrounding this fast fading juggernaut called Idol.

Now listen real fast kids because we’ve got a bunch to say and damn near little time to say it in.

Ok, we all know that Drunk Paula ain’t comin back no mo, no mo, no mo, no mo. We’ve cried in our beer and felt like someone pissed in our Wheaties over the loss of this adult imbecile who couldn’t give constructive criticism to her cat let alone some sangers who were tryin their damnedest to hit the “big time” (and can we just say here that the “big time” really ain’t it all cracked up to be…we should know after spending 9 long years in this little microcosm called Holly-weird!). Heck, over a cajun spiced tuna steak salad at the wildly-popular-with-the-stars Katsuya, with that metrosexual of metrosexuals, we threatened to discontinue our watchin and writin about what has been heretofore, our favorite damn show on the tee-vee unless Drunk Paula was given her dues and rightfully brought back to the damn judges table. Apparently though all we are good for is picking up the damn tab…like that big and shiny toothed metro-sexual doesn’t make enough damn money to pic up the tab. Drunk Paula’s gone ya’ll and there ain’t a damn thing gonna be done about it so, suck it up.

Now listen here, just about the time we had done written off this damn karaoke show that drives all the little girls (and boys although only about 10% of them if you get my drift) plumb crazy, along comes news that a new judge was being added to round out the table to four once again. We here at Idol Chatter laughed out loud just a little to think how pissed off that damn Kara person must have been to know that she wouldn’t be the only female judge at the table. We do not like Kara not then, not now, not ever! But we’ve digressed.

Anyhoo, word came rather covertly up to our little walled and gated fortress like casa high in the hills over Hollywood that hip and recently married lezbian, Ellen DeGeneres would be rounding out the judges table. Now listen here kids, we nearly wet ourselves without any damn shame when we heard them words. Lawd, a small majority of Californians may have cheated the good gays and lesbians out of their right to live in some kind of marital bliss but, Miss Ellen and her lady-mate figured out a work-around for that one and now the very [legally] married Miss Ellen will be right there for all the good boys and girls to see giving her opinions that we all know will be a damn lot more coherent and constructive than anything that ever fell out of Drunk Paula’s mouth. Hell, she’ll probably make more sense than Randy and Kara combined. Oh lawd, after this great news, we determined right then and there to watch this show on the regular once again!

And kids, that’s where things have stayed until today when we opened up a copy of some newspaper and saw confirmed what we’ve been hearing from every-damn-body up and down the Sunset Strip. Yup, acerbic mouthed Simon is leavin! Straight up!

Damn that driver of mine…blowin the horn like he was in a hurry! Need to remember who writes out those checks that he hurriedly deposits. Any-hoo, despite all that clattering I really must finish this up.

We MAY have threatened before, but this is not a threat. We WILL watch American Idol this season and it WILL be our last season! So, enjoy hanging out with our loud and foul-mouthed (and more often than not drunk) self for this one last season. After that we’ll be on to bigger and better things!

Bring it on bitches!


August 5, 2009

Well kids, it’s officially official! Drunk Paula will not be returning to Idol this next season. I for one don’t see the point of watching any more. I mean really, Idol without Drunk Paula is like the Captain without Tennille or Earth Wind & Fire without the Wind. It’s just not in the realm of possibility.

As we have sat glued to our twitter feed watching for word from Drunk Paula; as our big car has transported us effortlessly from our casa high in the hills above Hollywood to the various big wig offices in tinseltown, we have begun to realize that much like our failed relationship with the good Farmacist, Dr. P. Haze, all good things must come to an end. It’s not that we want them to! Heck, it’s not that we didn’t try our damnedest to make things work. But lawd kids, like Drunk Paula we are worth more than the piddly amount they have offered…aren’t we? Heck, if that pile of teeth affectionately known around here as that Metrosexual of all Metrosexuals is worth that many damn millions a year, surely Drunk Paula is worth nearly as much. And the same goes for us here at Idol Chatter! We too have a big ass mortgage on this pile we affectionately call home and don’t get us started on all the money it takes to keep the good Farmacist from slinking through the gate of our compound at the most inopportune of times or our driver satiated with enough moulah to keep from blowing that damn horn at us as if he’s in some damn hurry to be somewhere. Cash money drives the world! Greedy mens have been known to destroy it!

Stay strong Drunk Paula! Heck, we may be seeing you in the unemployment line before ya know it!