The Boys Are Back In Town

March 1, 2011

Finally, we’re to the good stuff!! Tonight, I live tweeted the show, and well, without further ado, here’s my thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Clint Jun[bug] Gamboa tryna play like he Stevie. Also stole the Pope’s red Prada shoes. He a contender!

If Jovany Barreto is gonna sing cruise ship love songs (and did an ok job) he shoulda done it shirtless to get noticed! Iffy!

Jordan Dorsey is wearin fly boots. Not a boot competition though. OMG indeed. Not a contender with that one.

Tim Halperin sounds vaguely familiar and like he should be singin down on the corner not on the stage. Not doin it for me.

Bret Lowenstein aka Carrot Top (before all that plastic surgery) has pissed on my fire instead of lighting it. Fail!

James Durbin bothers me. He’s no Adam Lambert!!! Bet the judges liked him though! Yuck! Go home!

Guess I was wrong about James Durbin. According to the Professor he was “nice and tasty with it. F*ck Adam Lambert.” So there! (this tweet brought responses from an old lady named @runawaysu in Canada who said “F*ck YOU!” Lol!!!)

Baby boy Robbie Rosen has just put himself out to pasture with that cat-wailing awful number. Fail.

Babylockthemdoors Scotty McCrerry makes me feel a little bit funny!! Loves!

Stefano Langone needs to ditch the nerves! Hate to say, but didn’t like. And I want to! Damn!

Lookin just like Rod Stewart pre-crack days & sounding vaguely Stewart-esk, Paul McDonald made sense. Contender.

Oh dear, here come Patti Labelle aka Jacob Lusk. I think he gives super sloppy kisses…not the good kind either. Can’t watch! (the Professor said: If Luther’s watching he’s thinking from the great beyond “Maybe Mary could butch it up a little” it’s pretty bad.)

Casey Abrams got out the hospital just in time to win the whole damn show!!! Spells indeed!!! Sweet jeezis and Joseph! Winner!

So, there ya have it! Yay boys!