NoLa Redux

January 24, 2011

So listen, I’m not going to bore you with a recap of last week’s show from my home state of Louisiana. Y’all saw the show, heard the talent (yeah, we got us some serious talent out in the bayou) and know that Louisiana is gonna present a serious threat on this seasons show. I’m sure y’all remember one of the standouts of the show, that 15 year old, baby-faced crooner named Jacee Badeaux. Even knowing the depth of talent from my home state, I still was not expecting the serious gravitas of this kid’s voice. However, it appears that a lot of other good folks knew all about this kid and his pretty amazing voice.

Get this, seems that the sophomore at Lafayette [LA] High School’s Performing Arts Academy, has won a couple of competitions, was one of 20 tenors named to the prestigious Louisiana All State Mixed Choir in 2009 and sang in Lafayette First Baptist’s Christmas Fantasia (whatever the heck that is) last year. The boy’s no slouch! Something tells me we will be seeing a lot of this child over the course of this season.

As I was putting this little bitty piece together, a little birdy pointed me in the direction of this video with young Jacee joining Dylan Fuller, Hunter Sibille, Ian Welch and Tanner Simoneaux (geez, we Cajuns have a way with names don’t we…LOL) as they belt out The Lion Sleeps Tonight with Jacee proving that he’s got some serious chops thanks to his falsetto (although if I’m being honest, and we know I always am, I found it way more entertaining to watch the tall queen boy on the end get a little bit swishy the more he got into the number).

Here’s to Jacee…we got our eye on you youngun! Don’t let us down!