Welcome Home Idol

This was not suppose to happen! You know it as well as I do. We all publicly swore off that bloated and ri-dick-you-lus caricature of a show that Idol had degenerated and turned itself into. Plus that nasty Brit was leaving and he was the only thing that made the show remotely worth watching.

Not to give a recap of the brouhaha that constantly seemed to be playing out over our teevee’s this past year, but we lost waste-of-space Kara and the lovely, but not a good fit Ellen leaving us with the “dog” and too big for his britches, that toothy mic-jockey Ryan. That juggernaught we had loved and then hated was finally done and we were all, finally, put out of our collective misery.

News that Steven Tyler of Areosmith fame and Jenny from the Block, Ms J-Lo had signed on brought a bit of intrigue but we still didn’t care. I mean, Humpty Dumpty had fallen and it didn’t matter what the King’s horses and horsemen did, there was no saving this hot mess.

Finally the big night arrived, and dressed in our finest funerary best, we plopped down to watch them lower the casket into the cold, dark ground. Except that it didn’t suck. Steven Tyler and Jenny from the Block actually evoked a time when we liked the show. And the now elder statesman Randy actually wore his role with dignity.

I don’t know at what point I knew, but I did. After years of wandering in the proverbial wilderness, Idol has come home. So, here we are just a little bit beside ourselves, dusting off the old-blog, twittering with Idol friends, calling others and texting still more. Everywhere we have looked there has been this shocked “wow, they pulled it off” look. I’m not sure how, or that I even care, but I feel like everything is new again and I couldn’t be happier! Welcome home Idol!

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