So, Season 5 Contestant Ayla Brown‘s Dad is Scott Brown.   Wait, let me say it properly, Republican Scott Brown, former Cosmo Pin up, who shocked America by having the gall to be elected in Massachusetts.  We knew that already. 

But did you know that Kara Dioguardi’s Dad is former Rep. Joe DioGuardi, R-New York?  Did you know he’s running for a Senate Seat in New York?  Do you care? 

You should.  I didn’t care and treated it as fluff until the very last line of the CNN Ticker blurb.

Now I realize that this isn’t a Political Blog, but I do have pause for concern.  In case you just don’t feel like clicking on the link, here’s the line: 

“CNN also asked the daughter if she’d ever follow her father into politics. “Perhaps,” she said. “Definitely don’t want to rule anything out.”

It takes her an hour to say nothin’, she likes the wrong people for the wrong reasons and is easily the most annoying of the judges.   I don’t get any sincerity from her assessments, even slightly…if you’re wondering about a reference point for that last, seemingly harsh statement, go watch her fake cry during the Boys’ performance last weeks (specifically Big Mike).  And she wants to follow in Dad’s footsteps?  Wait, I guess if I re-read that she’d make a perfect politician. 

I think the only thing we can do is wait for the day she announces her Candidacy and make sure Paula’s ready to run against her.  We have to start thinking of a Campaign Slogan for her now: 

  • Paula for President!
  • I like Vic(odin)
  • Straight up now elect me
  • Hey Baby!  I’m forever your Senator

Please, please help me think of more.  Not for nothing, but I’m pretty sure we could get Paula to vote for the Healthcare bill if only for the subsidized prescriptions.

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