We called it!

So listen kids, we are not the least bit shocked by how this bloated and beleaguered show we affectionately call Idol played out tonight. No we aren’t! We have suspected for some time that our Grand Finale would be made up of Adam and Kris. Having said that, we must say that this was, in our grandiose estimation, the best top three we’ve ever had! We think Danny will have a great career and yes, we are sorry to see him go. It was however a great pleasure to see him greet his man-friend so affectionately! We were reminded again of just how many naughty thoughts that child Jamar puts in our heads! Lawd-a-mercy!

But, we aren’t really here to chat about who gets us all hot-and-bothered! We’re here to chat about tonight’s show! We absolutely knew that Kris would be in our finale! While at first he rather reminded us of a timid church mouse sneaking onto stage, we have always been in awe of the spin he places on the music! Sick!! Just sick!!!

And Adam, well, he’s an entertainer from the word go! And tonight we saw why – starting on the stage at a very young age, it’s no wonder he is flawless in his performances. And let me just say, the rendition of our National Anthem we were treated to all snippet-like, was perhaps the best we’ve heard him perform. If only he’d take that Valium the Professor prescribed, we’d be much more apt to call the win for Adam.

But we aren’t kids! Nope, not even remotely! We think this will be quite the finale with two incredibly talented artists who will both have careers in the biz for years and years to come!

At this point, it’s anyone’s game! Although I have a sneaking suspicion that crowing our big wee-ner, might leave some slack-jawed in shock! It is NOT a forgone conclusion!

Until next week ya’ll! Cheers!

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