Well blow me down!

Now listen here kids, I did something rare on a Wednesday night – I hit the record button on my trusty little TiVo-like device and turned the boob toob off! Yes I did! Now kids, this morning I wake to find that perhaps I shouldn’t have been so hasty. In fact, maybe I should have looked at the poll numbers (all five of ya) from right here. Instead, I got a little carried away with the neighbor (you know who you are) and missed the whole damn thing!

This fine morning of course, sandwiched in between the ever growing panic around some flu one gets from kissing a pig and my favorite weather gurl expounding on the never-changing weather here in the Southland of Caleefornia, I get the news that the bottom three consisted of Matt (well, no surprise there), Kris (huh?) and Adam (WTF?). Now listen here kids, yesterday all the reports were that Kris and Adam were our top two based off of your downloads from iTunes (a place I try to stay far, far away from…or not). If one were a conspiracy theorist, they might suggest that perhaps Idol scripted last night’s bottom three to counteract this bit of sloppiness on their part. But I don’t do theories, conspiracy or otherwise. So, I’m just gonna say it this way – Kris sang first and that’s always a curse! And Adam, well kids, while we think Adam is one more amazing entertainer, he does get a little bit grating after a while. So, hmmm…maybe, just maybe, we’re starting to get bored. Who knows, maybe he was starting to get bored himself what with all that coasting he’s been doing. We’ll know next week won’t we!

For now, we [finally] bid a long overdue adieu to that crooner, pianist person from way up north in Kalamazoo. We wish him well!

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