Double Whammy!

On a night that saw choreography by Drunk Paula! On a night that saw Disco Queen Thelma Houston come out in a dress that was like something from an insane Easter Bunny and a fat and balding KC from KC and the Sunshine Band totter around the Idol stage, it was almost a let down when we got to the end of the show and found out that Lil and Anoop would be exiting stage right. Well, actually, every damn one of us knew Lil was leaving, so they didn’t even bother to play and sent her straight home to be with that fine-azz huzband she has and those adorable little ankle-biters! We wish this child well!

Anoop on the other hand was a bit of a shocker. Not much because we knew! We also knew that his performance last night killed compared to his performance the night before (well yes, except for that sad last note BOTH nights!)! We also knew that he was looking hot with that scruffy facial thing and that mussy hair! But he’s gone! We aren’t shocked or anything…

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