Just sayin!

New “rule” = stoopid “rule”

Now listen here kids, we knew we would be loosing that cute little Jasmin who should have been commercially a viable pick. But lawd, that child tried to turn herself into Miss Whitney Houston, whom we love but who is older’n dirt! If you are 17 then act your damn age! Again, just sayin!

Of course, the real shocker was the “schlocky” new “rule” that through some twist of “reality” allows the judges to over-ride “we the people.” Now, I don’t care how many of the moe-rons out there think this is a good idea, I do not…and let me tell you why: It is only designed to draw out the dramatic effect of sending one or more of the damn children home. You know it! So, last night both of our bottom two were told to basically sing for their lives because they might do good enough to sway the judges into saving their little bee-hind! As if!! Those judges weren’t gonna save either one of those two. They only get to “save” someone once per season and you can be damn sure it wasn’t gonna be on the first night…unless of course their favorite Adam was in the bottom two. But no worries there.

And let me just say, I personally don’t believe Jennifer Hudson would have been as big as she is today if she hadn’t of had to depart the show early. She would never have had the opportunity to try out for the role in that fabu show Dreamgirls because she would have been too damn busy doing all the sh*t required from being the damn winner. Daughtry absolutely would not have become the star he is today if he would have been the winner because he would have had to craft a album that would have been to the producers liking and not to his. His way put him on the perfect track to be the star he is today! Again, just sayin!

I am absolutely appalled that we kept Anoop Dog after that horrid and disgusting beat down he gave The White Lady’s ginormous hit, Beat It! Not that little Jorge was all that great with his Drag Queen voice and sensibility, but damn, at least he didn’t beat the hell out of a song! Again, just sayin!

So, the real question is…do ya like the new rule, or, are ya like me…thinkin it’s just stoopid?!

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