What u think?

3 Responses to What u think?

  1. im shocked says:

    im shocked that they let a good singer go by like that. they need a good of enough reason to why jamar rogers didnt make that season. they said that he didnt make good risk but what is life for if you dont make risk,good or bad. i think that jamar made a good risk and they made a big mistake. american idol has made to many mistakes. the only reason why im going to watch it is because his best friend danny gokey is still in the season i hope that danny wins this year and hope that american idol will see there nid mistake threw this seoson ps jamar rogers was the only real reason why i was watching american idol but if danny gokey is voted off im not watching it anymore this season

  2. im shocked says:

    this isnt the end for jamer rogers its just the beginning

  3. can't beleive it says:

    jamar rogers is 10 times more talented than the odd norman gentle. tatiana is a train wreck of dramatics. some of the women that were picked were very undeserving compared to the raw talent sent home. the “what the heck” factor is going to keep ratings high….they hope. it is a shame. jamar is the man.

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