Shocked and appalled

Now listen here kids, I’m just flat out pissed off at our judges who made some decisions that verge and border on the asinine. Now, I’ll be honest, the night started off with some promising moments. Ok, except for that hideous mansion this bloated and irrelevant show is calling the “judges mansion.” Now, I have no idea what Your Mama over at the Real Estalker would say about this hideous monstrosity but I have a feeling she’d find herself feeling exactly like I do, revolted and nonplussed. Now listen, I don’t know sh*t-from-shinola when it comes to architectural or interior design (thank the gods and goddesses for good gay designers), but Your Mama has provided enough knowledge for me to know that there was something serious, serious wrong with this place. And I’ll tell you another thing, not one of those damn judges lives in that huge and uhg-lee pile!

But seriously ya’ll, I have no time to talk about that disaster because it was some of the decisions and actions of these mind-numbing imbeciles they are calling judges that flipped my lid. First, let me say that Drunk Paula was sober…shocking! But, the decisions left me feeling that these four had sat down with a big bottle of their favorite adult beverage and said “wee, that one’ll work!” Bullsh*t!! And another damn thing…those sing-offs were just the height of pure stupidity. They did nothing but showcase the very simple fact that this show is bloated, boring and totally irrelevant even to the musical machine that exists here in Hollywood.

Now listen real quick ya’ll, I’m so angry at this farce that was pulled on us, that I’ve made arrangements for a big black car to pick me up from my little casa high in the hills above Hollywood and take me over to meet with that Metrosexual of Metrosexuals so as to register my absolute disgust with the decisions made last evening. Not that that impotent little fop can do anything, but damn, I will feel a little bit better after I’ve unloaded off my heaving chest. The nerve! I mean, they let my boy Jamar Rogers go and kept…Norman Gentle? WTF!!!!! And if that wasn’t bad enough, they kept that stupid little gurl named Tatiana. HUH??? As one person so gently put it via Facebook last night, “I wanna tie down Tatiana and b*tch slap her unconsious!” Now, I don’t believe in advocating violence, not even remotely! but Lawd kids, that child makes me all sorts of angry and upset and the very idea that my teevee will be poluted by that annoying little thing is almost enough to make me…

I’m taking a deep breath before I get myself so worked up that I can’t think straight! Now I’m off kids…I don’t know that my voicing of my shock and anger will do much good…but I’m gonna give it a whirl!

13 Responses to Shocked and appalled

  1. Julie says:

    I have to agree with you!! I’m so furious with them letting drama gurl and headband boy through and didn’t let Jamar and others through. Those two can’t sing worth crap and I hope that no one votes from them. If I have to listen to that horrible nail running down a chalk board laugh from drama gurl one more time I think that I might jump off a cliff!!! OMG! What is AI coming to????

  2. im pissed off also i think that amercian idol have made alot of bad choices but when they cut jamar rogers that was a biggest mistake. i am an amercain idol fan but i cant believe thsi

  3. Amy says:

    Wow!!! Yes….I am beyond mad at how ridiculous the judges are this year! Jamar? really? right after they showed him…I said ” I really think he could win it all!” and then poof he was gone. And then the Norman Gentle and Spaz girl among a few others….come on! I can’t get over it! I thought after last years Josiah they may be more careful and less stupid? Sad…Wow!!!

  4. H says:

    Jamar Rogers is very talented and different in wonderful way! I agree it was indeed the worst mistake AI has ever done. Jamar is the kind of talent that the world has to see. AI was so into thinking of what the public might want-think POP britney and the rest who really got no talent. Remember when Simon wanted to keep the pretty girl and let go of the one with a great voice but they ended up letting the pretty girl go because the other judges just couldnt agree with him with that one! They kept Norman and Tatiana becase they grab people’s attention and keep people talking about AI– with their drama. Im ok with Norman, I think he’s very funny but Tatiana just couldn’t stop the drama. It could be EERIEtating. lol

  5. elfboy says:

    It’s quite obvious why they let Jamar go. He’s too talented, he’s building up too much pathos (Danny’s best friend, the one who propped him up) and they’re afraid he’ll get too popular on this show that he’ll jeopardize the chances of whom the judges really want to win.

    Make no mistake, America does vote for the American Idol, but Simon and the production crew already know who is going to win. That’s why some contestants get more screen time, and why in every cut away shot you’ll find the ‘star’ in the foreground/background/midground wherever.

    Jamar’s ‘fault’ was that he didn’t establish himself as a true contender the first time they saw him sing. Story lines (and yes AI has storylines) are planned for after going through the first audition footage, interview footage & forms. Jamar was eliminated not because he wasn’t good enough, but because Jamar (in getting so good), was a ‘wild card’ in the show’s producers mind — he made the show too unpredictable (he can knock out one of our amazing story packages!).

    The reason why so many obviously flawed singers/singers you’ve never heard of get through is because they are ‘fodder’. They are there to provide ‘competition’ but at no point jeopardize the people who they want to win. Who do they want to win? Based on the story lines I’ve seen so far… a boy named Danny or Adam.

    *What do you want to bet that originally the producers were going to get Danny to sing against Jamar for a slot, but decided it might be too risky to Danny’s chances to win if you make him out as ‘the guy who knocked out Jamar’?

    Now don’t get me wrong, I like Danny a lot, he’s a good singer, I would not mind if he won and he is a dead ringer for my friend Danny Wong (Chinese guy), down to the glasses. It’s just a shame that the producers are screwing the American public over in ‘creating’ idols.

  6. christopher says:

    that was the last episode i will watch of this train wreck of a show. jamar was the most talented, unique and interesting singer on the show. he could sing circles around the people left on the show. he was my pick when i first saw him to be a finalist. this show represents what is wrong with the music industry today. HORRIBLE.

  7. Jack C says:

    I just wanted to send a quick not that I agree, very upset Jamar was not in the final 30’s.What were they thinking??? Very Very Strange.

  8. shaun says:

    Cutting Jamar Rogers was one of the dumbest things A.Idol did

    I officially just stop watching A.Idol.
    How in the world did they leave Jamar Rogers off the final 36.
    In my opinion, he gave one of the 10 best performances.
    My girlfriend and I was shocked as hell when he didn’t get picked, WTF!!!
    He was consistent throughout from the auditions to Hollywood week.
    Its too bad he will not be the replacement sub for Joanna Pacitti,
    since she got disqualified. I guess the producers didnt
    think the ratings would be appealing for Jamar which is B.S.
    because he was one of the best this season. A. Idol what a joke.

    I wish we all who was disappointed can petition him back on the show.
    I emailed them, maybe they can reconsider, its a small step but maybe just maybe its worth it

  9. elfboy says:

    Don’t confuse the TV show as a real competition. It is television — and 9 times out of 10, interesting visuals (aka freaks, drama, crying, assholeness/Simon etc.) will trump interesting talent. This ain’t MTV. It’s Fox. (So that makes it 99 times out of 10 (not typo) they’ll go with drama instead of talent).

  10. Tbone says:

    I was absolutely shocked and appalled that the judges let Jamar go. He can sing rings around most of the finalists. AND he was interesting and different. I think I may stop watching the show. I’m disgusted.

  11. Tom says:

    Shame on you AI! This proves that AI is not a real singing talent show! You mean to tell me that NORMAN/NICK the freak who can’t decide who he is let alone sing has a chance to be the next AI but Jamar Rogers doesn’t? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? Come on! You might as well admit Nick/Norman and Tatiana are no more than this year’s joke! At least, please find Jamar Rogers and beg him to sign a recording contract with someone so that I and many others can buy his CD NOW!

  12. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

  13. […] liked this child for some time (partly in protest over the untimely departure of his man-friend Jamar), but tonight I could have done without! As Simon often says, it was indulgent! Quit preaching! We […]

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