Louisville, etc.

Listen kids, last night was suppose to be a quiet evening sharing a bottle (or three) of wine with a new man friend. Future, and potential, Idols would be watched and made fun of. But as is, and has been, typical in my house, things do not work out like planned. In the first place, when I arrived home last evening with bottles of wine in hand, I did not find the new man friend as expected. Instead I found the good Dr. P. Haze in a tizzy over some silliness and expecting me to solve the problem. Now, you will recall that the good Dr. P. Haze was shown the door during the break between last season and this. And one would think that I would not have to deal with, and continually be asked to handle, the good Farmacist’s woes. Not so apparently!

After much to’ing and fro’ing, the good Farmacist was sent away but alas, that fraudulent TeeVee show masquerading as singing competition, was down to it’s last moments. The only sights I saw and sounds I heard were of a lovely, and formerly homeless, little gurl who sashayed herself right on in before the judges and proceeded to…do what? See kids, it was at that moment that the good Farmacist made a reappearance. Apparently not all was solved! Damnation!

Louisville was a bust…for me! The good Dr. P. Haze has forthwith been banned from making any further appearances at my humble abode high in the hills above Hollywood…at least on nights when that metrosexual of all metrosexuals is flashing his toothy and overly white-brite smile on my TeeVee! It’s just the way it’s gotta be ya’ll!

One Response to Louisville, etc.

  1. Emily says:

    This is just further proof as to why love interests (and I do use the word ‘love’ loosely), should never be allowed to know where one actually lives 🙂

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