Ready as I can be!

I’ve been thinkin about some tunes today that would express my “excitement” over tonight’s premiere of the new season of Idol.

Are you ready for some…Idol? – sung to the tune of the theme for Monday night football

Well I’m ready…ready as anybody can be!– sung to the tune of I’m Ready by Areosmith

In the dark of night, not a star was in sight– sung to the tune of Hallelujah, I’m Ready by Ricky Skaggs

I’m sure you could come up with some more to express your “excitement” for tonight’s big thang! The truth is, I’m just a little tired and, already, just a little bored. Everyone is talking about changes, real and perceived, much like we rambled on about yesterday. However, all this talk of change and about bringing Idol back from it’s rumored grave, is making me less interested than ever. Maybe it’s my time of the month…if so, how unfortunate for Idol to have picked this week to trot out their latest and debatably their “greatest” of all seasons. Blah! Or not!

I guess you could say I’m “ready as I can be!” How that’s a good thing is beyond me!

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