Big bro’s comin!

April 14, 2008

Real fast y’all, I’ve just got word that David Cook, who, if I’m being honest, and I always am, was not my favorite back in the day (Hollywood days that is) will be joined this week, in studio, by his brother Adam. Adam, as you may remember, is suffering from brain cancer and, get this, it’s his second diagnosis. Poor guy. Y’all will remember that David Cook started getting heart palpitations and other fluttery signs after one of the recent performances. Turns out it wasn’t because Terri Hatcher asked him to be her next love interest on Desperate Housewives (not that she did or anything…just sayin’). Instead, reports suggest it was because he was super stressed over the fact that his brother had taken a turn for the worse and that made his blood pressure spike followed by some other symptom and so on and so forth infinitum.

Published reports, citing some credible sources, have joined my good friend, I. Talkstoomuch, who whispered in my ear that Adam, his wife Kendra, a nurse and some some other health related type person landed here in lala land last night. Now I’d like to be a little bit snarky because that’s the way I roll, but I ain’t got nothing but good thoughts about this story! I’m pretty sure I saw the same story line on Oprah’s Big Give Idol Gives Back the other night…but maybe not. Anyhoo, please join me in welcoming Adam, Kendra and their entourage of doctors, nurses and little people (who make life possible). I bet it would be a lot more fun to have David’s entourage rather than Adam’s.