Spoiler Alert!

If tomorrow this post is gone, then you’ll know I was wrong. But I’m not! While she isn’t my pick to be gone (this week), she is in my bottom three for sure. You just can’t do Whitney and then Fantasia without making folks yawn. The girl’s got chops, but just isn’t in the league the other two are. So, based on a crazy little program first reported on by Harvey’s gang, we’re gonna call it. So long Miss Sayesha…your day job awaits!

On another note, I’d like to say just how proud of my little guy I am! He watched The Big Give Idol Gives Back, asked how much money was in his savings account and gave it all! $120 is a lot of money for a 9 year old! Made me damn proud!

UPDATE – 4/10/07

You’re outta here –

Well, color me shocked! Apparently my sources in Hollyhood got it wrong, wrong, wrong!! Next thing you know DC Vodkalips, Sister Gurl and a host of others were blowing up my phone to relate their shock, horror and dismay. Some thought it was flat out a conspiracy against the Aussie’s. But me, I blame the curse of the firsts. You see, Michael Johns had two problems this week – (i) He sang first and (ii) He didn’t stand out. Sure he was good, but they all were (except of course for that babbling, blathering Brooke that some how manages to cry her way to safety each and every damn week). The problem was that he wasn’t great and, if you are going to sing first, then you’d damn well better be great! Maybe we’ll be lucky and see him on Broadway in a year or two. Cheers mate!

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